Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So, I really hope I get this job in Maine. I have some alternatives in mind if I don't, but here is a rough list of my summer possibilities:

1. Work in Maine at the Quisisanaiansna whatever it's called, and make moneys.
2. Stay in Texas and do voice overs... which I don't want to do because Texas is hot as balls and grody, and there is no pool at my parents' house.
3. Stay in the city and audition for lots of stuff and work some menial job at a restaurant or bird store.
4. Live on the streets with a guitar and make people give me change.
5. Go to Japan, raid one of the idol agencies and demand they make me famous.
6. Go to India, become elephant trainer.
7. All of the above...?


Lauren said...

And why do you think you want to work a bird store so badly?


Kate said...

Because there's this really cool exotic bird store that I went in once and it was really cool... as in I had parrots walking all over me and stuff... ...yeah.

Jennifer said...

How about, do A LOT more auditions over the next 2-3 months and let those auditions take you where they may.....

More fun that way.

-J. said...

Yeah, what about summer stock? Or is that the place in Maine that needs more consonants?

-J. said...

P.S. There are bird mills, similar to puppy mills. Don't get me started.

Kate said...

Bird mills? Shit. nevermind then.

Can't trust anyone these days. Damn!

Frosty said...

I'm commenting on the really old journal entry you posted and then, apparently, deleted. I loved it. I thought it was compelling.