Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hedgehogs? ...Wait, what?

I'm writing a play. They say you should write what you know... well, life imitates art, as they also say. There are lots of embellishments, and a whole lot of truth. I hope others find the dark comedy in my life; I'll try and help by making it interesting with a more interesting plot.

My play is called either :Seekers" or "Landslide Birds," but of course both are just ideas. Be excited!

It will include (tentatively...)

-voice acting
-eastern philosophy
-sex (just kidding. I couldn't write that with a straight face)
-deep discussions over the occurrence of wild hedgehogs in the Afghanistan countryside.



Frosty said...



So... voice acting, huh? Really? Then you're going to HAVE to talk about sex.

Kate said...

VOICE ACTING AS IN CARTOONS. Phone sex operators can NOT call themselves voice actors. You're a nutter.